Bumblebee may be a spin-off solo movie about the yellow Transformer, but it doesn’t mean he’s the only Autobot — or Decepticon — in the film.

The newest trailer for Bumblebee shows plenty of other Cybertronians will show up in the movie, including fan favourites Soundwave and Optimus Prime.

“Bumblebee, there is only one way to end this war,” the Autobot leader says in the trailer. “You must protect Earth and its people.”

Set in 1987, Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson. The trailer reveals just how the teen befriends the small (for a Transformer) Autobot: She buys what she thinks is a plain, second-hand VW bug and ends up with more than just a car.

With a script by Christina Hodson, the film is directed by Kubo and the Two Strings’ Travis Knight.

Bumblebee is scheduled to hit theatres in the US on December 21. Watch the full trailer above.