BTS's V pays for medical treatment of stray dog
BTS's V pays for medical treatment of stray dog Image Credit: Twitter

Thanks to K-pop star Kim Taehyung (or V) of BTS, an injured stray dog has received medical treatment and has a forever home.

The South Korean singer met the dog during the shooting of the Korean reality television show ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ in Mexico.

The 10-episode unscripted show follows the cast as they operate a Korean snack bar in Bacalar, Mexico.

According to reports, during the show, a stray dog started to frequently visit the restaurant where the show was being filmed. The staff on the set named the dog Perro.

During filming breaks, Taehyung would spend time playing with the dog.

Videos of the idol interacting with the dog started going viral.

Recently, when it was announced that the show’s final episode had been filmed, fans started wondering what would happen to Perro.

However, according to a viral tweet, a Mexican fan whose mother works at a veterinary clinic in Bacalar, revealed this week that V had paid for Perro’s vaccinations and medical treatment for his injured paw. He also made sure that Perro was adopted by one of the Mexican staff members of 'Jinny's Kitchen' and will continue to receive adequate care after he departs from Mexico.

Fans responded by appreciating Taehyung’s concern for the dog, calling him an “angel”.

Twitter user @DailylofV posted: “Taehyung paid for Perro's vaccinations and treatment for his injured paw. He’s an angel with the purest soul and the sweetest heart that loves to spread love and happiness.”

His fans are already aware of the fondness V has for animals.

In 2017, he adopted his pet dog Kim Yeontan, despite knowing that raising him would be challenging due to his poor health. He later said in an interview that Yeontan's health had been very poor since birth. He has a small airway, because of which, if he runs even a little bit, he faints.

The singer is also known to have a soft spot for children. Some even call him a “baby whisperer”.

An earlier viral video from the sets of Jinny’s Kitchen shows how a couple visited the restaurant with their baby daughter. Several staff members were excited and tried to make the unsmiling baby laugh. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded till V appeared.

As soon as he spotted the baby girl, he hurried over to her side and began pulling funny faces, making the baby giggle.

He was also seen entertaining a crying baby who had come to a BTS concert with her parents.

Similarly, on the sets of the Permission to Dance music video, 'Uncle V' arrived with a gift for the child actor filming with them. Upon realising there were two kids instead of one, he apologised and promised to buy the second child his gift later.

According to a story on the South Korean entertainment website, V revealed in a past interview that he hopes to have three to five children in the future.