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A long heartfelt note written by K-pop star Jin to his younger BTS bandmate J-Hope, who is currently under military training, has gone viral.

Armys (BTS fans) are well aware of the friendship between the two. Many refer to the pair as ‘2seok’ or ‘Seokseok’, a combination of the Hangeul names of the two singers – Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok.

So, when Jin, who is currently serving in the military, responded to a fan’s post sending J-Hope best wishes, Armys were left feeling emotional. Hashtag #2seok started trending on Twitter after Jin inquired about J-Hope’s ongoing military life, in his viral Weverse (online K-pop fan community) note.

Being the group’s oldest member, Jin is the only other member with military enlistment experience.

In the long heartwarming note, Jin wrote: “Jwe-hope, how is it there? Are you getting <soaked> in the rain? Are you using the PX (or Post Exchange, a retail store on an army installation that sells goods and services to military personnel)?

“Have you gained weight? Have you not been able to call?... Have you received the letters that I have sent well? Are you hurt anywhere? Have you shaved your friends’ hair? Is the food that is served there good?”

He then went on to add a funny note, which fans said was quite classic of Jin.

“There’s a long time to go until you get a vacation… kekekekekekeke.”

He ended the note by writing: “I’m spending my military life looking out for you. Make sure you do it to the next friend as well... it becomes a great help to military life.”

J-Hope, who recently enlisted in the mandatory South Korean military service, cannot read the Weverse messages that his fans or bandmates send him currently, as he is not allowed to use his phone during training.

But, many hope he will be able to see them once his training is over.

Fans were also touched that even though Jin gets to use his phone for a limited time, he used it to send this message to J-Hope.

With a crying emoji, BTS fan @seokjinmylabsss tweeted: “‘I spend my time in the military looking at you’ – Seokjin to Hobi (J-Hope)… I’m crying my 2seok…”

Another fan @SarangVJin wrote: “We are proud of you Jin and J-Hope. We love and miss you.”