Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Image Credit: PTI

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan never leaves a chance to impress his fans. A video of the ‘Dabangg’ star driving an autorickshaw around Panvel has been doing the rounds on the internet.

In the clip, Khan can be seen sporting a blue T-shirt and a cap while driving the rickshaw on the streets.

Khan’s unexpected act has caught netizens’ attention.

Reacting to the clip, a social media user commented, “Hahaha Sallu bhai rocks.”

“He’s such a down to earth person,” another one wrote.

Khan recently celebrated his 56th birthday at his Panvel farmhouse. A day before his birthday, he got bit by a non-venomous snake thrice.

Bollywood actor Salman khan speaks to the media about the snake bite incident, in Mumbai on Monday.
Salman Khan speaking to the media on December 27. Image Credit: ANI

Sharing details about the December 25 incident with media who arrived at his home on his birthday, he explained how he got bitten.

“It wasn’t much, a snake had entered one of the rooms, the farmhouse is quite in the jungle in Panvel,” he told the media. “When the snake entered the room, kids got scared so I went in to see and asked for a stick, the stick that came was a small one so I asked for a longer stick, and they got one, with which I picked up the snake with a lot of love and brought it out, and the snake wrapped itself on the stick and then it started climbing upwards. It came quite close to my hand so I caught it with my other hand and dropped the stick to be able to leave the snake [in the jungle].”

According to reports at the time, Khan was taken to a hospital in Navi Mumbai after sustaining the bite and was dismissed in the early hours of December 26.