Sushmita Sen
Sushmita Sen Image Credit: Supplied

The trailer of the third season of the hit streaming show ‘Aarya’, which stars actress Sushmita Sen in the titular role, was unveiled in Mumbai at a 5-star property in the city’s Andheri area on Thursday.

The trailer event began with a live performance of Kalaripayattu after which the actress and the former Miss Universe, Sushmita made a stunning entry sitting on her throne.

Looking at the audience, she lowered her pitch and went on to say, “Kabhi kabhi baat sahi ya galat ki nahi, galat aur kam galat ki hoti hai. Panje nikaalne ka waqt aa gaya hai” (Sometimes, it's not about right and wrong, but about wrong and less wrong... it's time to roll the dice), as the hall echoed with cheers and their anticipation for the trailer.

The lights then dimmed to make way for the visuals on screen and the trailer began with Sushmita’s titular character of Aarya being shot in front of her kids.

The following shots show the ruthlessness of Aarya, who once stepped into the business of contraband unwillingly after the killing of her husband and to protect her children.

In the upcoming season, Aarya has bigger ambitions. Naturally, the bigger the ambitions in the world of crime, the bigger is the risk and the bigger is the price you pay to clinch the throne.

Aarya has now her eyes set on the supply and transportation of the contraband but is intercepted by Ila Arun, who herself is the undisputed queen on the supply side.

Hot on Aarya’s heels is ACP Khan, who after being preoccupied in the second season, is back with vengeance and will do anything in his capacity to put an end to Aarya’s illegal drug empire.

As Aarya gets cornered, she draws her claws out and goes for the kill with impunity as she has the fan favourite Daulat by her side. The following shots present intense action and a showdown where a wounded Aarya draws out the swords to slash anyone who lays hands on her kids.

The starcast of the show had a gala time interacting with the media and answered all their questions and satiated the curiosity with regards to the third season, the series’ co-director Ram Madhvani though wasn’t present at the event.

However, the director of the International Emmy nominated show did send across a special video message for his team and the media.

‘Aarya 3’ is set to drop on Disney+ on November 3.