Tunisha Sharma and  Sheezan Khan
Image Credit: insta/ _tunisha.sharma_

The Waliv Police in Maharashtra on Thursday took actor Sheezan Khan, the accused in Tunisha Sharma's death case, for a general medical examination, said sources.

Khan's police custody was supposed to have on Wednesday. But, the police had not completed the interrogation and investigation with him, so they sought his remand to be extended. The Police have recorded statements of nearly two dozen people in connection to the death of Tunisha Sharma, who died allegedly by suicide.

Tunisha was found dead on the sets of her ongoing TV show 'Alibaba - Dastaan-e-Kabul' on Saturday. Khan was arrested on charges of abetment to suicide on December 25.


If reports are to be believed, Khan and Sharma broke up 15 days before she died by suicide. Sharma was also reportedly hospitalised after she suffered anxiety attacks a few months ago. The actress suffered from depression and anxiety around 2018 as well.

To find out the reality of what transpired between the deceased  and Khan, the Police started to scan through the WhatsApp chats between the two. According to the police, they have recovered chats of around 250 to 300 pages from June to this December through which they are trying to know the real reason why the 'Alibaba - Dastaan-e-Kabul' stars decided to part ways.

Vanita Sharma made a series of accusations during a press conference in Mumbai.

"Sheezan took her from the room but did not call the Ambulance. This could also be a murder, how is it possible that she was found in Sheezan's room and it was Sheezan only who brought her down, but did not call the ambulance or doctors?

Sharma - on Friday vowed to bring accused Khan to justice as she clarified her daughter was only ailing from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and no other disease."She had no other disease but OCD, she was very much conscious about cleanliness," Vanita Sharma said addressing the media persons in Mumbai, and added that she will not sit quietly until the accused, Sheezan Khan, is punished.

"I will not sit quietly until Sheezan is punished," she said as she sought support from the justice system.

Vanita said that when she herself confronted Sheezan to enquire why he cheated on her daughter, the 28-year-old replied in the same tone and said that "they can do whatever they want".

"I am sorry aunty. I cannot do anything. Do whatever you want," Tunisha's mother quoted the accused, Sheezan, as saying. Vanita had visited her daughter's set a day before the tragedy.

The police also said that it was also trying to retrieve the deleted chats between Sheezan and his "secret girlfriend".