Actor Sumeet Vyas describes his wife and actress Ekta Kaul as a “complete package” and says he still wonders what she saw in him and decided to settle with him.

Vyas and Kaul got hitched in Jammu, a city in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, on September 15 in a low-key affair.

“I am quite excited to start a new chapter of my life. And the excitement comes from the hopes you have from your new life,” said Vyas over the phone from Mumbai.

The couple made their relationship official earlier this year. This is Vyas’ second marriage.

How did he know that Ekta is the one? “Wow, that is really a deep question. You come to know with the time you spend with your partner. For me, it is basically the core value that a person has. I wanted to be with someone who is not filmy, with someone with no multiple layers as to how they react to situations,” said Vyas.

“And Ekta is a pretty straight forward person besides being drop-dead gorgeous. She is like a complete package. I am wondering what did she see in me, how did she think I am the one.”

Post marriage, Vyas is not going on a break, and plans to immerse himself in work.

After starting the year on the right note with Veere Di Wedding, Vyas has a lot to look forward professionally.

He has the second season of TVF Tripling — a series which explored the bond that siblings share through a story which also highlights the importance of travelling — is in the offing; and season two of digital series called It Is Not That Simple. Then he wants to bring back Permanent Roommates.

Talking about the second season of TVF Tripling, he said: “It is turning out pretty well. We have been working on the script for almost three years now. We hope to start shooting by end of September.”

Along with an emotional story, TVF Tripling brought forward stunning visuals as siblings go on a road trip together.

Where will the second part take the viewers?

“This year also there are a bunch of locations which we are planning. I still have to get a confirmation on what all have we finalised. I was very keen to explore the North East because that is a really unexplored portion and is absolutely stunning. I was very keen to push some part of the story in North East. Let’s see if we get there.”

In Bollywood, Vyas wants to explore different kinds of roles.

“I have been consciously trying to evade the roles that I have done already. In that sense, I have let go of a lot of opportunities which looked lucrative because I thought that they will not take me forward and didn’t excite me as an artist,” he said.

“It is very important to break that form and that expectation and create a new kind of character. I have been looking at doing more grey parts this year,” he added.

Has he signed another Bollywood project?

“There are a couple of film projects, but they are right now at a nascent stage... I will make some announcement in a month or when they are finalised.”