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Suhana Khan is beating the blues with her new photoshoot that is breaking the internet.

The daughter of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan got people buzzing, including her famous father, following a series of pictures that were posted online by her mother Gauri Khan, who also happened to be the photographer.

Gauri posted three images of her daughter, 21, who is seen posing by the poolside. In a couple images, she is also seen holding a can of cola, with Suhana’s mother writing: “Yes!!!! Blue is my favourite colour.”

Suhana also posted the images on her Instagram, writing: “Pretend it’s a Pepsi and I’m Cindy Crawford,” alluding to the famous cola shoot by the American supermodel.

The pictures also caught the attention of Shah Rukh who rarely ever posts on Suhana’s images. “Can I pretend it’s you and the cola is incidental…..and still appreciate the picture???,” he asked in the comments section.

Suhana’s post also drew reactions from her mother’s famous celebrity friends, including Maheep Kapoor and her daughter Shanaya Kapoor; the latter happens to be Suhana’s BFF and is soon to be launched into Bollywood by filmmaker Karan Johar.

Meanwhile, Gauri’s post as well drew a reaction from Shah Rukh, who responded: “Whatever colour you take the picture in, and Suhana is in it….is our favourite colour.”

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who has previously worked with Shah Rukh in the film ‘Raees’ responded: “How gorgeous is Suhana! MashAllah!”

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Suhana is currently studying acting in university in New York, but has stated in previous interviews that she is keen on joining Bollywood. There has been a lot of speculation who will launch her in the film industry, with Johar’s name topping the list of contenders considering his close association with Shah Rukh and Gauri.

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Johar also launched Suhana’s BFF, actress Ananya Panday in ‘Student of the Year 2’, with Shanaya’s film currently in the works.