Sid Mallya
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Model and actor Sid Mallya will release a six-episode web series called ‘ConSIDer This’ where he will openly discuss his struggle with mental health issues and how he tries to overcome it every day.

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“I am going to be talking about what it was to take anti-depressants, what’s it like living with OCD, anxieties I used to get when I used to drink, being a child of divorced parents and so forth,” said Mallya in a video message.

The idea isn’t to be preachy, but just to help those who are facing similar mental health battles like him, added the son of tainted businessman Vijay Mallya who’s currently facing an extradition case in the UK and is now a bankrupt billionaire.

The series will release within the next month and kick off with Mallya talking about taking antidepressants and dealing with his father’s legal battles.

Episodes will be released weekly on his Instagram account @sidmallya.

Mallya made his film debut in 2016 with the adult comedy ‘Brahman Naman’ in which he played Ronnie, a cricket-playing jock, who is rich, good-looking, and popular with women.