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Shah Rukh Khan in a screengrab from a video shared by Karan Johar Image Credit:

Is Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan readying for a web debut? The trail of crumbs certainly seems to be pointing in that direction if a new promotional video shared by filmmaker Karan Johar is anything to go by.

In the video, which Johar shared on Twitter and Instagram, Khan is seen standing on the balcony of his home, speaking to a man who appears to be his secretary. As the superstar waves out to the crowds below, he questions in Hindi: “Have you ever seen such crowds gather for any other star?”

The man replies: “No sir, definitely not. But who knows what the future holds.”

“Really?” replies Khan. When the secretary responds that other stars have films and TV show dropping on a streaming platform, such as Akshay [Kumar], Ajay [Devgn], Saif [Ali Khan], Sanjay [Dutt]. When Khan asks whether everyone is on the streamers, the man replies, “well, not everyone,” pointedly looking at the actor, while adding: “You aren’t.”

In a tweet posted alongside the video that Johar shared, the Bollywood filmmaker and BFF to Khan wrote: “Never thought I’d see the day when even the Baadshah of Bollywood feels FOMO [fear of missing out]. Now I’ve seen everything!! @iamsrk”

Ranveer Singh also jumped in on the conversation, using the hashtag #SiwaySRK or except Khan.

The video ended with a ‘to be continued’, with Khan himself taking to social media to say this wasn’t the complete picture. Drawing a line from one of his films, the actor further added: “Hmmmm….Picture toh abhi baaki hai….mere doston… [there is more to the story my friends].”

A scene from 'Zero' Image Credit: Agency

Khan, who last starred in 'Zero' in 2018 will be seen next with Deepika Padukone in the upcoming film ‘Pathan’, which is being directed by Siddharth Anand. The actor is also slated to star in Atlee’s next film, which has commenced shooting in Pune.

While Khan has produced web shows in the past, including ‘Bard of Blood’, he has yet to star in a show on a streaming platform, not counting his appearance as a guest of the David Letterman special on Netflix. The actor incidentally started his career on television with shows such as ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’.