Indian comedian Gaurav Kapoor will perform in Dubai this Saturday
Indian comedian Gaurav Kapoor will perform in Dubai this Saturday Image Credit: Supplied

Indian comedian Gaurav Kapoor, who will perform in Dubai on September 24, is all set to bring his brand of observational and anecdotal humour to the UAE.

But be warned he’s not your elitist performer who will lightly roast those sitting in the front row. In his eye, everybody is game for a good roast.

“There is this misconception that comedians roast the front-row people alone, but that does not happen in my show. My show in Hindi will be interactive and is planned in such a way that everyone feels included,” said Kapoor. He has performed in the UAE a few times before, but for this gig he brings brand new material.

Gaurav Kapoor's humour is observational and anecdotal
Gaurav Kapoor's humour is observational and anecdotal Image Credit: Supplied

The Delhi-boy, who’s this month’s chosen artiste to perform as a part of Colors Laughter Night series, famously gave up his corporate retail job to follow his dream of being a stand-up comedian around seven years ago.

“There was no looking back since,” said Kapoor.

Here’s what we gleaned from our interview with the blazing talent as we talk about his journey, his method, and his biggest learnings …

Being a stand-up comedian is a lucrative option:

“Trust me, you can make money in comedy,” said Kapoor. According to him, as long as your content is good, there will be takers for your show. Before switching careers, he was working in a retail department of several corporates. But once he made the switch in his early twenties, there was no looking back. Since he was in his mid-twenties, his parents had limited say in his life choices.

Confidence is your best accessory and diversifying is an acquired art:

“I have never faced the problem of having a tough audience who refused to laugh at my jokes,” declared Kapoor. His formula is simple. Go to his social media accounts and check out if his brand of humour appeals to you. And, if it rocks your boat, then buy tickets for his show. A peek into his Instagram and you will find his satirical and witty take on immigrants living outside India or something as mundane as the newly installed security system in his building that’s annoying him to bits. His Hindi is conversational and reminds you off that funny college friend who always had a good joke to share.

Plus, he believes the key is to come up with unique content that will touch a nerve and tickle your funny bones at the same time.

“Plus, you need to learn how to diversify … I regularly do YouTube video and create interesting content for social media. I vlog a lot too … The key is to keep re-inventing yourself,” he said.

Gaurav Kapoor
Gaurav Kapoor Image Credit: Supplied

Comedians don’t live in fear of backlash:

Unlike the popular perception that comedians are now worried about offending someone in a world where cancel-culture and boycotts rule, Kapoor feels comedians are still given a long rope.

“I don’t want to go jail basically, but while writing we are often very considerate about how people will take to it. And while performing, you get a sense if a joke lands or not … Everybody has this fear of doing something wrong but we often get away with saying 95 per cent of what we set out to say. I am willing to let go of the remaining five per cent,” said Kapoor.

Observing life, people, and their quirks come naturally to comedians like him:

“In Dubai, I have often noticed people trying to peddle all kinds of perfumes as you step into a mall. I find that funny … Comedy is often in such mundane details,” said Kapoor.

Comedians don’t have to be funny in real life:

“The only time where you have to be funny is when people are paying to watch your show and that’s fine,” said Kapoor.

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What: Colors Laughter Night with Gaurav Kapoor

When: September 24, Saturday

Time: Emirates Theatre, Emirates International School Jumeirah, Al Thanyah Street

Cost: Dh150

Tickets are available on and