Hrithik Roshan
Image Credit: insta/ hrithikroshan

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan keeps inspiring his fans with his fitness and rigorous workout regime. He believes in continuing his fitness routine despite of injuries and other health conditions. Recently, the actor shared a video from a gym with his fitness trainer and was working out even after his left bicep tendon injury.

He wrote in his caption: "Laughter wasn't on the agenda that morning. I remember waking weak, it was back and bicep day I think. Both precarious for my injuries. Dreading the number of sets and reps, target obviously set at the highest intensity by Kris. My left bicep tendon injury felt like it's acting up, I just didn't want to workout that morning. I felt fear and uncertainty. Decision was left to me. Choice was to take the day off, or to train.

He further added: "This is how I saw it in my head - If I made it thru it will feel good - and set a precedence. If I didn't make it thru, it will feel good to have tried failed and learnt - and that would set an informed precedence which would keep me injury free in the future as well. Either ways, getting started was a win win . I decided to go for it. The visual tells the rest of the story."

Hrithik Roshan has been offering insights into his workout routines regularly since August 2022 as he underwent an impressive transformation for his upcoming film 'Fighter'.

He has recently wrapped the third schedule of 'Fighter' directed by Siddharth Anand.