Late Bollywood actress Madhubala
Late Bollywood actress Madhubala Image Credit: GN Archives

A biopic based on the life of late Bollywood actress Madhubala is to be made soon. It is backed by her youngest sister, Madhur Brij Bhushan.

Bhushan says: “It has been my long-standing dream to do something for my beloved sister, who lived a very short yet momentous life. All my sisters and I have joined hands to make this dream come true.”

“With God’s blessings, and dedication of my partners, Arvindji, Prashant and Vinay, I am confident that this biopic will be made successfully on a grand level. We need everyone’s blessings to put together this project beautifully.”

She emphasises that only Madhubala’s family, and no one else in any capacity, has legal rights to attempt a biopic on the yesteryear star’s life.

“It’s my humble request to everyone — within the film industry as well as outside of it — to kindly not attempt a biopic or any other project based on my sister’s life without my permission,” she adds.

Sources close to the production reveal that the said biopic is all set to be produced by a top studio/production house, in association with Madhubala Ventures Private Limited which, in turn, has teamed up with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited (that are producing Shaktimaan trilogy along with Sony Pictures International Productions), to develop the project.

“Going by a highly enthusiastic response, there’s no room for doubt that the Madhubala biopic is an extremely hot property amongst studios and talents. In fact, many top actors including a couple of reigning female stars, as well as top filmmakers are keenly interested in collaborating on the project.”

“But makers are in no hurry vis-a-vis collaborations. So, no studio/production house or talents have been roped in yet for the said film,” says the source, adding that the said biopic shall into production next year.

Madhubala passed away at the age of 36 in 1969. She was known for starring in movies such as ‘Neel Kamal’ (1947), ‘Badal’ (1951), ‘Half Ticket’ (1962) and ‘Howrah Bridge’ (1958).

In 2019, there was an attempt from Bhushan to make a biopic on her life but at that time, an objection came in from their eldest sister about the film. So, the biopic could not be made then.