Ajay Devgn Image Credit: Supplied

Ajay Devgn has not seen two of his own films yet — Himmatwala and Rascals.

He says during the making of most of his movies itself, he realises whether a project will work or not.

“80 per cent of the films that have not worked...I come to know while shooting, so I do not see those films. I have not even seen the trial of those films. I have not seen Himmatwala and Rascals till today. You get that feel while making a film,” Devgn said.

Himmatwala, directed by Sajid Khan, was not received well. Devgn says though the original script of the film was good, things went wrong while shooting.

“The original script of Himmatwala was good...I don’t want to blame Sajid, but he had taken the 1980s look and shot it in the same way.”

“There were no punchlines. Himmatwala would have worked today if it had today’s punchlines and today’s styling. He made it like the 1980s only. That didn’t work,” he added.

However, despite getting the feeling that Himmatwala wouldn’t work, Devgn gave the film his best shot and promoted it. Why?

“There is so much of money and stakes involved [in a film]...You can’t say, ‘This is not working so I am not working’. It’s unethical. If there is some alternative, then it’s a different thing.”

“When you are acting in a film, everybody is not ready to agree with you. If you have been paid for a film, you have to do as much as you can do.”