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Sad news for fans of South Korean boy group B.A.P. Bang Yongguk has decided to part ways with the K-Pop band and his agency TS Entertainment.

TS Entertainment announced that the idol’s exclusive contract ended on August 19 and that he decided not to renew it with the other members: Zelo, Himchan, Youngjae, Daehyun and Jongup. His long-time entertainment label and members respected his decision to depart the agency and the group after a long discussion.

The remaining members will reportedly represent B. A. P moving forward, and their scheduled activities will proceed as planned.

The 28-year-old Korean rapper-songwriter gained attention from Song Jieun’s hit single Going Grazy as a featured rapper and released a solo song, I Remember, featuring Beast — now Highlight — member Yang Yoseob before joining TS Entertainment in August 12, 2011. He debuted in B. A. P, which stands for ‘Best Absolute Perfect’, as a leader and rapper the following year. Bang’s been heavily credited in writing and producing B. A. P’s discographies and has also pursued a solo career at the same time.