Winners of the inter-school art competition. Ahead of the UAE National Day, students created more than 100 artworks which reflect the country’s unique nature. Image Credit: Organisers

Dubai: Ahead of the UAE’s 45th National Day, the country’s unique nature was reflected in vibrant colours at an exhibition-cum-award ceremony of the inter-school art competition where more than 100 artworks created by school students from across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi were displayed.

Titled ‘Images of UAE’, the competition focused on the diverse and unique social, cultural and environmental features of the country, portraying its beautiful landscape, historical monuments and multi-faceted culture.

The contest, garnering participation from 23 schools, was divided between two age groups of 8-12 (Group 1) and 13-17 (Group 2). In all, 18 winners were awarded prizes from among a total entries of 435 drawing and paintings; among those 10 prizes were awarded to Group 1, and eight to Group 2. Zara Aijaz Zameer from Repton School won the 1st prize in the 8-12 years category, while Nyla Nasser from Bright Riders School won the honours in the 13-17 years category.

Celebrated Indian artist Akbar Saheb, and specialist event manager for school-going children Najwa Al Rahma, attended the event held at the Consulate General of India auditorium.

“Art and design is catching the fancy of Dubai’s endeavour to foster creativity and hence this is in line with our ruler’s dream,” said Ritwika Chaudhuri, founder director of the Palette Art Training and Consultancy, organiser of the event.

Chaudhuri added, “We would like to make this interschool art competition an annual event not only to develop competitive spirits among students but also at the same time to discover talents among the students and encourage these budding and young artists to pursue their dream.”

The entries were assessed by a panel comprising three judges. Three prizes were awarded in both age groups, besides consolation prizes for different categories including concept, rendition and creativity, composition and theme, among others.


Winners’ list


Group 1:

• Age group: 8-12

• 10 prizes were awarded to:


• 1st prize: Zara AijazZameer, Repton School

• 2nd prize: Amber D’souza from Our Own English High School, Sharjah

• 3rd prize: Ashaz Shaikh from Bright Riders School


Special prizes


• Anju Hayashi from Emirates International School, Meadows for Skill

• Zaina Shahid from Bright Riders School, Abu Dhabi for Skill

• Grace Dennis from GEMS Modern School for Composition

• Riya Bhatnagar from Sheffield Private School, for Creativity

• Vishnumaya Deepak Chandran from GEMS Modern Academy for Creativity

• Aadila Nazeer from the Sheffield School for Concept

• Daya Shakir from Our Own English School, Sharjah for Concept


Group 2:

• Age group: 13-17

• 8 prizes were awarded to:


• 1st prize: Nyla Nasser from Bright Riders School

• 2nd prize: Anoushka Ghosh, GEMS Modern Academy

• 3rd prize: Aamir Fahdil Kudel, Emirates International School, Meadows


Special prizes:

• Rana Maher from the Sheffield Private School for Skill

• Nanditha Nair from Delhi Private School for Creativity

• Saira Sara Jim from Bright Riders School, Abu Dhabi for Composition

• Neha Anil Kumar from Delhi Private School, for Composition

• Rabab Rahib from Sheffield Private School for Concept