Abu Dhabi

Saad Al Tamami, a veteran Saudi comedian and singer, has died of COVID-19, Saudi media reported.

A number of artists and social media activists mourned Al Tamami, who was famous for the imitating artists and celebrities, and he held many posts in the Saudi TV theater and radio, such as the News and Poetry programme and the House of Celibacy Programme. Al Tamami retired from art since late 70s and early 80s, and devoted himself to his work.

Saudi actor Nasser Al Qasabi, the most famous of Saudi Arabia’s television stars, wrote on Twitter, “God’s mercy on the monologist, Saad Al Tamami, who died Thursday of coronavirus.

Al Tamami entertained us in the sixties when there was no comedian actors and monologue singers. He could have stayed longer for he was different comedian, but decided to retire early. Our condolences to his fans and his family,” Al Qassabi said.

Artist Abdelelah Al Senani said Al Tamami was a pioneer of monologue and comedy in Saudi Arabia.