The ministry has imposed a ban on all performers involved in the series from acting. Image Credit: Screen shot from the series

Dubai: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information has halted the airing of the TV series “One Wife is Not Enough” during Ramadan, citing its offensive portrayal that clashes with Kuwaiti societal values.

The ministry also referred the creators of the series to the Public Prosecution, charging them with offending the morals and values of Kuwaiti society.

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Additionally, the ministry has imposed a ban on all actors involved in the series from participating in any future artistic endeavours within Kuwait, be it on stage or screen.

Lafi Al Subaie, Assistant Undersecretary of the Press, Publishing and Publications Sector at the Ministry of Information, emphasised the ministry’s commitment to upholding laws and regulations uniformly for all individuals, without discrimination.

The move aims to safeguard Kuwait’s societal fabric and uphold its cultural heritage, while also ensuring that public taste is respected and maintained.

Al Subaie emphasized the Ministry's unwavering stance against the display of artwork that undermines the values of Kuwaiti society. He urged artists to be mindful and refrain from creating content that could potentially offend societal norms.  

The Ministry of Information’s actions come in response to mounting criticism of the series.