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Within a week of it premiering on Netflix in September, ‘The Platform’ became the streamer’s most popular Arabic series. Now, following the success of its first season, local film production company FilmGate Productions, in collaboration with Al Kalema Productions, has begun filming for the second season of its hit series.

In the series, Syrian actor Maxim Khalil stars as protagonist Karam, who is struggling to keep his dysfunctional family from disintegrating. His father (Salloum Haddad) is imprisoned on terrorism charges, and his brother (Samer Ismail) is a survivor of child abuse.

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The series was the first Emirati production to be released on Netflix worldwide, and viewership upon launch sky-rocketed, quickly landing a place on the streaming platform’s ‘trending’ list in multiple Middle Eastern countries.

For its second season, the series brings even more action, with a continuation to its story filled with twists and turns. The filming is taking place in various locations around the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

‘The Platform’ series is a result of a collaboration amongst top experts in the region, including Egyptian director Yasser Sami who recently joined the team, as well as Syrian writer and creator Hozan Akko, Emirati director and producer Mansoor AlYabhouni Al Dhaheri, and Tunisian executive producer Hedi Karnit.

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Al Dhaheri commented: “The success of ’The Platform’ is owed to the spectacular spirit of teamwork amongst some of the most talented people in the industry. We are excited to begin filming the second season, as the story will only get more intriguing from here-on. We also have a few surprises in store in terms of new cast members, so stay tuned.”

The first season is streaming now on Netflix worldwide.