Over the years, women's financial power has been rising. By 2014, their earning capacity is forecast to hit $18 trillion (Dh66 trillion), much bigger than the estimated 2014 gross domestic product of India and China, according to World Bank figures. Image Credit: Supplied

No distractions! The mall is your oyster - no time restraints and no friends pulling you into stores you would rather give a miss!

Observe the crowds: enjoy observing people from around the world all in one place. Where else can you get such an amazing experience?

Take your time: I have a tendency to visit very few stores and spend more than one hour in each store: after all…it’s all about the quality not quantity, right?

Whiz around faster: You will be amazed how many errands you can knock off your ‘to do’ list when shopping on your own.

Know the joy of impulse buys: Bad day at work or a relationship break-up, nothing beats a bit (or a lot) of retail therapy at a sale!

A visit to your favourite stores: I love gazing at the glamorous windows at Harvey Nichols…hmm…sigh.

Trips to bookshops: Three hours and ten books later, where am I again?

Daydream: Life, love, career…it’s surprising how many useful thoughts crop up in your head when alone.

The best coffee breaks: An hour at my favourite coffee shop, reading a good book. Ah!

Back to mama’s beauty counter: Like a kid in a candy store I LOVE getting the first scoop at the latest season make-up colours and fragrance notes.