A Cambodian child held by her mother waits in a line. Image Credit: AP

1 She's a woman. Just look at the stats - more and more women across the world are getting better grades than men in schools, colleges and universities. Why argue with somebody who's cleverer than Dad?

2 Learn from Dad. Dad learned that mum was always right a long time ago. Home life was much smoother as a result. Why not learn from Dad?

3 There are consequences. Pocket money, curfew time, your birthday parties… she manages them all. You have to be in self-destruction mode if you want to mess with her.

4 Pain is gain. Childbirth hurts. It also gives her the right to ensure that you never forget this fact of life.

5 She's got the genes. Being right is a dominant gene passed down from mother to daughter. Men lack this gene. Enough said.

6 She's a multitasker. Locating a missing shoe, correcting your homework, putting on her make-up while flipping your breakfast omelette - a mum can do all this and get you to school on time. Dad would still be looking for the shoe.

7 She's been around longer than you. Self-explanatory.

8 ‘I told you so'. If you don't want to hear this phrase regulary, do as you are told.

9 Mum's the word. Whoever coined this saying knew the real meaning of it.

10 Heredity. One day you will start to talk like mum and think like mum anyway so why not start young?

Vanessa Abernethy, Partner, Corporate Department, Simmons & Simmons, an international law firm

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According to a recent report by a Michigan-based organisation called Sphere Trending in the US, the country is increasingly becoming a more matriarchal society.