Mars is known as the Red Planet. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

1 To see pyramids in space. Pyramid-like structures have been discovered on Mars. And hopefully, I won't have to jostle with tourists there. 

2 Same day, another planet. A day on Mars lasts for about 24 hours, so I would not have to adjust my body clock that much. 

3 Seasonal check. To find out if there are four seasons on Mars. If yes, when do the summer sales start? 

4 A different view. Imagine seeing our wonderful bluish planet from a Martian perspective! I call it a healthy distance to everyday problems. 

5 To redefine art. I would do a series of watercolours based on the Martian landscape. 

6 Diving with a difference. Taking a plunge into the Martian oceans seems so appealing. What goes on out there? Possible wrecks? Shark-like predators? Mermaids? 

7 City scope. The possibility of planning a new city from scratch on the surface of Mars is irresistible. I know of a few engineers who are up to the challenge. 

8 Get hyperlocal. Life forms have been discovered on the Red Planet. What's their fashion sense? Are they media obsessed? Are they consumerist? 

9 Ageless body, timeless mind. We age less when travelling through space. An astronaut ages approximately 15 per cent less than observers on Earth. 

10 Foodie finds. What can one eat on Mars? It would be interesting to know. 

Facts: In a press conference held in August 1996, Nasa scientists declared that they had found evidence of ancient, fossilised, microscopic life from a Martian meteorite, known as ALH84001. The meteorite was discovered in 1984 by a Nasa team and brought to Houston. It took the team nine years to correctly identify it as one from Mars.

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