Frennie's favourite song of all time is No Woman, No Cry by Bob Marley. Image Credit: Supplied picture

1 ‘I only move for number plates lower than 100.' These plates don't come cheap and the proceeds go to charity. So it wouldn't hurt to treat these drivers with a lil' respect on the roads.

2 ‘Just because I let him in, doesn't mean I'm going to let you in too.' This was an eye-opener. After I began practising what this sticker preaches, I've been reaching the office on time.

3 ‘Flash those lights one more time and I hit the brakes.' I totally get it.

4 ‘I had a life but my job ate it.' Hilarious, especially because the driver looked like he was in his seventies.

5 ‘Children on board. And one of them knows the "cure" for global warming.' Ever wondered why someone would have a sticker like this on his car?

6 ‘I helped elect President Obama.' I spotted this one in Nairobi, Kenya. Wonder how much of it is true.

7 ‘They're called LANES. PICK one. STAY in it.' Perfect!

8 ‘I'm in no shape to exercise.' When I saw the guy behind the wheel, I immediately understood what he meant.

9 ‘Am I driving safely? If not please call...' This is ironic because it's always on cars that have poor drivers!

10 ‘From now on I'm the speed limit.' And true to his word the needle was resting on 80 on an 80km/h stretch.


‘You can't fix it but you can vote it out.' This was considered to be one of the most popular bumper stickers in the US in 2010.

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