A boy takes a look at an electric car at the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity stall. Image Credit: Ravindranath/Gulf New

Abu Dhabi: Young Future Energy leaders have to be aware of the challenges awaiting them if they wish to indulge in the research of alternative energy, environmental technologies and sustainability, said industry leaders at the young future energy leaders forum on Tuesday.

Katrina Landis, Group Vice President, BP Alternative Energy, said that some of the basic leadership qualities required for students interested in working in alternative energy include: basic understanding of businesses that are going to compete with fossil fuels at carbon price; how value is created; what value chains and supply chains look like.

"We look for people who can think out of the box, and come up with ideas on how to use new technology to solve a specific problem. Being perseverant, pushy, and coming up with different quick ideas are some of the characteristics our employees in the alternative energy sector share," Landis said.

Alexander O’Cinneide, Head of Venture Investments at Masdar, said that renewable energy industry is a challenging business that requires background experience.

"Young people moving into this industry have to have a background in working in a large organization for a long time or in multiple companies, and understand the dynamics of large projects implemented," he said.

"Our ability to interact with students and talk about what we want to fund, as well as hear their ideas, is exactly what will lead to businesses," he said.