Y-Axis lead
Clint Khan, Managing Director, Y-Axis Image Credit: Supplied

Y-Axis has been committed to helping people achieve their global ambitions. The company offers services to help people migrate to several countries which include Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Germany, the USA, and Canada making it a leading visa agent in the UAE.

In the past two decades, Y-Axis has grown to become the world’s number one career consultant, with over 40 offices spread across India, the UAE and Australia.

Its streamlined counselling and application process for various visas makes it a leading immigration agent. Y-Axis makes efforts to understand a client’s preferences and requirements and suggests the best options for them.

Its end-to-end services ensure that clients get the right advice on their visa options through its counselling services. Its Eligibility Evaluation Report assesses your suitability as well as your chances of migration to the countries that you have in mind.

Y-Axis’ agents work exclusively and personally with each client to help them with the procedure as well as teach them about the prerequisites, decide on the best nation to move to, and complete the required assessment.

Y-Axis helps its clients to avoid hassles in the visa application process and become successful.

Its fully transparent process makes it a trusted immigration consultant. Y-Axis’ counselling and streamlined visa application process ensures both your time and money are well-spent and you will get value for what you invest. The company is aware of the latest updates in immigration policies and laws and based on your individual profile and preferences, it shortlists the countries where you will have the best chances for success.