Corporate tax event
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The introduction of corporate taxation has not only brought about transparency and accountability but has also contributed to enhancing the business competitiveness of the UAE. However, since companies have so far enjoyed zero tax on their profits, the launch of this new law has generated numerous queries within the financial sector, with businesses seeking clarity on regulations, compliance requirements, and tax implications as they navigate this uncharted territory.

After organising a series of successful seminars, workshops and webinars on corporate tax over the past six months, Gulf News is back again with another dedicated event, UAE Corporate Tax: Optimising Efficiency & Minimising Risks, to help businesses gain insights and shape their financial strategies.

The day-long seminar, taking place on August 23 at Anantara Downtown Dubai, offers a platform where tax experts, finance professionals, and industry leaders converge to share knowledge, discuss innovative strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of the evolving tax landscape.

UAE Corporate Tax: Optimising Efficiency & Minimising Risks

August 23; 9am – 4pm, Anantara Downtown Dubai

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“Gulf News Corporate tax event emerges as a linchpin for the UAE's finance community. As the global tax landscape evolves, and the UAE strives to align with international standards, there’s an imperative for professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends. This event provides a rich platform for thought leaders to disseminate crucial insights and contemporary trends in corporate taxation,” says Faisal Ahmed, CEO & Managing Partner, AKW Consultants.

Faisal Ahmed, CEO & Managing Partner, AKW Consultants

“Our proactive engagement in this pivotal event echoes our philosophy of being at the forefront, leading discussions and championing thought leadership. We recognise that discussions and dialogues surrounding taxation have a profound ripple effect on the business ecosystem.” At the seminar, Ahmed will discuss ways to improve compliance through tax audit, highlighting the best practices and risk mitigation techniques that can help improve your company’s financial health.

Corporate tax
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Key highlights

The event features keynote presentations, in-depth sessions and workshops, and an engaging panel discussion that delve into various aspects of corporate tax. The panelists and speakers, who have their fingers on the pulse of the UAE’s taxation developments, will explore the latest regulations, tax planning strategies, and the broader implications of taxation on business decisions. They will also showcase case studies and real-life examples to explain the complex taxation issues and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

“Considering the evolving landscape of corporate tax in the UAE, it is imperative that the finance community stays abreast of the latest developments in the new corporate tax regime,” says Rakesh Nair, Director – Corporate Tax, Crowe UAE.

“The benefits of attending this conference are multifold. Participants will get a clear picture on how to comply with the law; manage efficient cash flows; and aptly assess the impact of taxation while finalising agreements with customers and vendors; and during the merger and acquisitions deals,” he says.

Girish Chand, Senior Partner at MCA Management Consultants, is looking forward to engage with the UAE’s finance community, forge meaningful connections and discuss innovative approaches to tax management.

Girish Chand, Senior Partner at MCA Management Consultants

“There is an urgent need for organisations to prepare for tax compliance. Since most companies follow the financial year from January to December, corporate tax will be effective for them from January 1, 2024. We have associated with the event to enhance awareness on the impact of corporate taxation on businesses,” Chand says.

What’s more, the conference provides a unique space for professionals to network and share experiences. The exchange of ideas, challenges, and success stories fosters a collaborative environment that can lead to innovative approaches to corporate tax management.

“From the latest updates and changes in tax regulations to strategic tax planning and methods to optimize tax structures, deductions, and credits, we will touch upon a wide range of critical issues and topics that hold immense relevance for the finance community,” says Rajiv Thakkar, Audit Manager and Tax Consultant, Tax Gian.

Rajiv Thakkar, Audit Manager and Tax Consultant, Tax Gian

“The UAE business community is not yet fully prepared for corporate tax but we can provide them the right direction to wade through the complex world of taxation,” Thakkar says.

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