Phone pairing on WhatsApp will roll out globally over the next few weeks. Image Credit: Pixabay

New York: WhatsApp users are getting a long-requested feature: Access to the same account across multiple cellphones.

The Meta-owned app said users can pair additional phones, so no more losing access to WhatsApp when picking up a corporate phone. This comes after the service introduced account-pairing on desktop and smart displays in 2021. Phone pairing will roll out globally in the next few weeks, WhatsApp said in a blog post, along with WhatsApp Business accounts that let associates on different devices respond to customers using the same account.

To add another phone as one of your four linked devices, you'll soon be able to log into WhatsApp in a web browser and request a one-time code for pairing, the company says. You can remain logged in on your primary device and still access the account through secondary devices. You also remain logged in if your primary device goes offline, although if it's inactive for 14 days the app will log you out everywhere.

WhatsApp says your messages are still end-to-end encrypted - meaning the company cannot read them - because each device links to its servers independently. Many people opt for encrypted messengers to keep their chats safe from company snooping or government subpoenas.

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WhatsApp is one of a collection of encrypted messengers including Apple's iMessage and Signal. But WhatsApp has come under fire because its privacy policy allows it to share information on "how you interact with others" within Meta's family of companies.

WhatsApp didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last week, Meta reached a $725 million class-action settlement over claims it shared users' data without their consent. If you used Facebook any time during the past 16 years, you may be eligible for a small payout. Here's how to fill out a claim form.