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In the rapidly developing market in the UAE, individuals and corporates are becoming more perceptive when it comes to protection against potential risks. This is driven by regulatory changes where for example, motor and medical covers are now mandatory in various emirates. Also, with a population increasingly becoming wealthy and sophisticated, there’s a higher demand for life insurance including savings and pension-related covers as well as properties and belongings.

While this opens new opportunities for insurance providers, especifically Takaful operators, it also requires the industry to cater to a more discerning customer base which is demanding better products at more competitive prices.

“Since the merger last year, we have leveraged our expanded size and resources to intensify our engagement with customers to meet and exceed their expectations. This is particularly important when it comes to claims. Our claims philosophy is driven by our focus on empathy,” says Gautam Datta, CEO, Watania International Holding.

“Our teams are highly responsive and prioritise customer needs right from the start, ensuring they get the right cover with the right benefits for them. We continue to leverage our human and technical capabilities to streamline our claim process and ensure a hassle-free experience for our members, so they receive the support they need when they need it.”

Putting our members’ health first

A good healthcare package is a key reason why employees decide to stay or leave a company as they seek first class reliable coverage.

“While our healthcare coverage is offered primarily through employers or corporates, its beneficiaries are staff and their loved ones. And where companies change healthcare insurers frequently due to dissatisfaction with the service, we are proud to partner with several of our clients for five years or more. We believe in engaging with our customers constantly, promptly and effectively, sorting out their concerns and proactively providing help and support,” says Datta, adding, “As well as offering comprehensive coverage benefits, we go the extra mile to provide holistic wellness and long-term chronic care management to assist our members. We also specialise in healthcare coverage directly for individuals.”

Home help

Among the many risks that individuals should consider, home insurance is one of the most vital while also among the most neglected. This could cover a wide range of events such as natural disasters, water damage and explosive accidents, as well as fire – the latter being an ever-present danger in a high-rise living environment as recent news reports attest.

Watania Takaful’s carefully crafted policies cover contents and emergency alternative accommodation as well as legal liability and personal accident insurance. There is no time better than now to do a full assessment. You can protect your home for as little as Dh1 a day.

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Gautam Datta, CEO of Watania International Holding Image Credit: Supplied

Gautam Datta is the CEO of Watania International Holding PJSC (previously Dar Al Takaful PJSC). The company listed on the Dubai Financial Market is the sole shareholder of two subsidiaries: Watania Takaful General PJSC offering motor and technical Islamic insurance and Watania Takaful Family PJSC offering medical and life products.

Datta has over 41 years of experience in the non-life insurance industry including more than 30 years in leadership positions across various international markets. He has in-depth expertise across various aspects of the insurance industry including underwriting, claims, reinsurance, distribution, business strategy, setting up profitable greenfield ventures and a track record of turning around loss making businesses.

He has successfully led the conversion of a conventional insurance company to a takaful provider and a cross border acquisition. He is an insurance and takaful industry keynote speaker and a published expert on various market trends and challenges in the Middle East.