Tristar at WGEO pavilion at COP28 Image Credit: Supplied

Tristar Group aspires to be ranked among the world’s top companies in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals while promoting economic growth and protecting the environment. It was therefore a fitting proposal for the company to participate at COP28, under the aegis of the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO).

Impact cannot be achieved without innovation, and for the last 25 years, Tristar has continuously proven this by adopting global best practices and incorporating the highest standards of safety, quality, and sustainability — very often as first movers, or as frontrunners. The company’s introduction of various new initiatives helped address crucial issues related to climate change and set the groundwork for industry-wide change.

Tristar’s COP28 participation showcased this commitment to building a sustainable future, and its many efforts around the world towards climate change mitigation.

During a panel discussion, The role of circular business models in maximising efficiency and enhancing resource sustainability, Dr KD Kandpal, Tristar’s Head of Sustainability, expressed his views on circular business models that are built on the principles of reuse, recycle, replenish and reshare. He also presented the many ways in which Tristar actively contributes to the circular economy, such as through improved energy efficiencies, using low-carbon or zero-emission fuels, and generating solar energy on its premises to minimise the use of grid electricity and reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Tristar’s two solar energy projects produce approximately 966 KWhp of energy that also reduces 650 tons of CO2e per year.

Balaji Nagabhushan, Tristar’s Group Chief Administrative Officer, participated in the panel discussion, Empowering next generations to drive positive change through green and digital skills. He advocated the inclusion of green skills and digital education in the UAE’s academic curricula as an essential step to prepare today’s young students for the future.