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AJMS Global is a recipient of the Gold Impact Seal Award Image Credit: Supplied

Organising COP28 for the first time in the Middle East is a big responsibility. “There are huge expectations from COP28 as with every COP and under the visionary leadership of the UAE, these expectations are much higher this year,” says Abhishek Jajoo, Founding Partner & Group CEO of AJMS Global.

“The UAE is the first country in the MENA region to commit to net zero by 2050. The UAE has also increased its near-term target emission reduction from 31 to 40 per cent. Furthermore, countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman have come up with the mandatory and voluntary disclosure requirements for ESG. These requirements, coming from the regulators, central banks and exchanges, have given more power to this change initiative. Companies have started taking actions to understand their businesses through a lens of sustainability and become more sustainable,” Jajoo says.

AJMS Global is a boutique Consulting and Technology Solutions Provider focused on delivering tangible results aligned with its clients’ business objectives. AJMS today has offices in eight countries and serves 17 diverse verticals with over 1,000 prestigious clients. “Sustainability is core to our strategy. Our services span strategy, corporate finance, sustainability, technology services, educational services, corporate tax, and transfer pricing,” says Jajoo.

With expertise in areas like anti-money laundering specifically for environmental crimes, risk assessment for ESG risks, ESG policy development and implementations, ESG ratings, ISO implementation, carbon projects, sustainable finance and life cycle assessment of products, AJMS aims to empower GCC businesses achieve net-zero goals and decarbonisation. AJMS aspires to be the trusted advisor and technology disruptor, connecting the pillars of sustainability for a greener and more connected world. AJMS ensures that its clients are ready and ahead of the curve in this sustainable transition.

ESG practice at AJMS Global

AJMS Global today is helping business to understand, strategise and implement end-to-end sustainability transformations. AJMS provides awareness sessions and trainings to all the stakeholders, even pro bono services to raise awareness around this important transformation. AJMS offers comprehensive services for business transformation, from the strategy, policy and procedures to monitoring and developing governance frameworks.

AJMS further helps companies implement the key sustainability initiatives specific to businesses along with an active KPI monitoring and benchmarking them against the global standards. AJMS supports its clients in a multitude of global frameworks including GRI, SASB, TCFD and IR as well as various local frameworks like those from Dubai Financial Market, Abu Dhabi Exchange, Muscat Stock Exchange, Central Bank of Bahrain and Saudi Exchange. Furthermore, various sectoral requirement around the ESG is supported by AJMS Global.

AJMS further supports its clients in the ESG rating implementations coming from S&P, Sustainalytics and MSCI. AJMS has partnered with Crif for a supplier and customer ESG scores and ratings to address the supply chain and scope 3 issues.

Manufacturing companies are supported through the LCA and EPD to enable them in the large infrastructure projects, green buildings and comply with the Europe CBAM requirements. Furthermore, we support business in their carbon abatement projects registrations, carbon credit issuances and trading of the carbon credits.

What to expect in the future

“Sustainability is a changing domain, and we expect that AJMS will be continuously evolving to ensure that clients are ahead of the curve. SBTi or Net Zero alliances are not followed across the regions, but they can soon be the norm. Carbon capture project implementation and support could be another area. Aspects around deep decarbonisation may grow further. A mandatory carbon policy and respective carbon portfolio management could arrive but greenwashing laws like EU could wait,” Jajoo says. ●

End-to-end services in ESG
AJMS Global is taking its clients one step ahead in sustainability through its end-to-end services in ESG – from strategy and implementation, product LCA and EPD, to carbon advisory, waste management and project management. AJMS Global continues to evolve to ensure its clients remain ahead of the curve in the sustainable transition.