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At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, annual pass prices are increasing by up to 10%, with the most expensive Incredi-Pass now retailing for $1,449. Image Credit: REUTERS

Florida: Walt Disney is raising ticket prices at its Disneyland resort by up to 9 per cent and lifting annual pass prices at Walt Disney World by as much as 10 per cent.

The new prices take effect immediately, the company said in separate statements Wednesday.

Rising prices are a touchy issue at Disney, which goes out of its way to promote travel packages that make stays at its resorts affordable for families. The company isn’t raising daily admission prices in Florida, where attendance was weaker last quarter, and its least expensive Disneyland ticket - at $104 - hasn’t budged since 2019.

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The park also has promotions, such as a $50 ticket for children nine or younger.

At Disneyland in Anaheim, California, a single ticket on the most popular days, such as holidays, is increasing by 8.4 per cent to $194, while other prices are going up even more in percentage terms. The Enchant annual pass, which bars access on certain weekends and holidays, is rising 21 per cent to $849, while the Genie+ service, which lets guests access shorter lines, rises by $5 to $30. Parking is also going up.

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, annual pass prices are increasing by up to 10 per cent, with the most expensive Incredi-Pass now retailing for $1,449. Parking will rise $5 to $30, but is free for hotel guests. Starting on January 9, guests will be able to use “Park Hopper” tickets to go from one park to another any time during the day.

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Disney said last month that it plans to double investment in the parks division to $60 billion over the next 10 years, including new attractions and cruise ships.

“We are constantly adding new, innovative attractions and entertainment to our parks and, with our broad array of pricing options, the value of a theme park visit is reflected in the unique experiences that only Disney can offer,” the company said Wednesday.

Earnings at Disney’s domestic parks fell in the third quarter ended July 1, the result of weakness at Disney World. The company cited fewer guests in Florida after a post-pandemic boom and tough comparisons with the prior year’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

CEO Bob Iger, who returned to lead Disney last November, said earlier this year that the company had been “too aggressive” in raising park prices under his predecessor Bob Chapek, sparking a backlash from visitors.