Stock - Virgin Hyperloop at Expo
Upon arrival to the FLOW pavilion, visitors will see a full-scale commercial cargo pod replica, which measures nearly 10 meters long. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: US futuristic transporter Virgin Hyperloop will showcase a full-scale hyperloop cargo pod and a cutaway passenger pod as part of DP World’s pavilion at Expo 2020.

Hyperloop technology, the development of which Dubai and Abu Dhabi have made significant investments, will allow vast distances to be travelled in minutes rather than hours. For instance, the Dubai-Abu Dhabi trip could take 12 minutes if hyperloop has its way. Whether passengers or cargo, the movement will be done through pods.

Following successful passenger testing, Virgin Hyperloop is now working on the regulation and certification of hyperloop systems. The company aims to achieve safety certification by 2025, with commercial operations beginning in 2030.

Visitors will see a full-scale commercial cargo pod replica, which measures nearly 10 meters long. Once in the pavilion, they will be able to sit inside a cutaway passenger pod complete with production intent finishes to see what a future journey on hyperloop will feel like.

If need be, they can learn more about the technology and its future impact through interactive displays, videos, and models. “The constant flow of goods has historically driven innovation in the transportation sector and now more than ever, we must continue to future-proof the industry,” said Sultan bin Sulayem, Chairman of DP World and Virgin Hyperloop.

The pavilion opens as part of Expo 2020 on October 1 and runs through March 31, 2022. The exhibit is open to the public daily starting at 10am.

“World Expos have been debuting the most cutting-edge innovations for centuries, so we are honored to showcase hyperloop technology on this global stage with DP World,” said Josh Giegel, CEO and co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop. “I hope that visitors will be able to imagine the not-too-distant future in which they are passengers on a commercial hyperloop system in the Gulf region and beyond.”