A customer checks his options at a mobile phone outlet in Bur Dubai Image Credit: Xpress /Jay B. Hilotin

DUBAI:  Here's a payoff from the ongoing telecom competition: a SIM card for low as Dh10.

A number of Bur Dubai retailers have brought down the price of etisalat prepaid SIM cards to just Dh10 by selling a new mobile phone connection for Dh35, with a pre-loaded credit of Dh25.

Since last month, new customers of etisalat's mobile phone service have got a big reason to smile.

Arshad, a storekeeper at a mobile phone outlet in Bur Dubai, said he has sold "at least 100 pieces" of the discounted etisalat SIM card in the last two weeks alone. "I've run out of stocks today," said Arshad on Sunday, "but we'll have them replenished this week."

Retail bonanza

Omar, another shopkeeper in Bur Dubai, also said the offer has been on for about a month. "We get a huge discount from a wholesaler, which we simply pass on to retail customers," said Omar, adding that he sells about five etisalat SIM cards a day, and an equal number of du SIM cards.

Other retailers still sell the etisalat prepaid SIM cards for Dh50 to Dh75.

An etisalat official said the price of the SIM card is Dh75 even though some stores may be offering it at half the price.

"This might create confusion among some customers as the official price for a Wasel (prepaid) SIM card is still Dh75," the spokesperson said.

Any new price offer must be approved by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).