North Ladder (Left To Right): Bilal Karimbath, CTO, Pishu Ganglani,COO, Sandeep Shetty, CEO, Ricky Husaini, CIO
A who's who at North Ladder (From left to right): Bilal Karimbath, CTO, Pishu Ganglani,COO, Sandeep Shetty, CEO, and Ricky Husaini, CIO. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A UAE portal that allows trade in secondhand luxury items and electronics has scored with its latest funding round, picking up $5 million from investors, including BECO Capital.

These funds will be used by North Ladder – earlier known as BuyBack Bazaar - to scale up the technology used on the platform as well as raise customer experience. Retail-focussed online startups in the UAE have been quite busy in the last year, gaining traction with investors and customers.

This includes a handful of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ platforms such as tango and cashew, which help shoppers stagger payments over months and not have to pay interest on these.

North Ladder's way
The platform connects those wanting to sell secondhand electronics and luxury items to a network of buyers - and with the option of buying back at a future date.

Winning them

Pre-owned goods selling portals too are finding support, and this is what North Ladder has tapped. “The provision of a seamless and trusted digital platform for the sale of pre-owned goods has immense socially transformative potential at a global scale," said Dany Farha, CEO & Managing Partner, BECO Capital. "We are excited about partnering with them to take their services to the next level.”

Pishu Ganglani and Ricky Husaini are the co-founders of North Ladder, while Sandeep Shetty, formerly managing director at the ride-hailing business Careem, recently joined as Co-founder and CEO.