As a testament to mark a remarkable journey, Rank Accounting and Consultancy, a leading provider of comprehensive accounting, tax, and business advisory services in Dubai has officially inaugurated its brand-new office. Nesting on the 4th Floor, Al Fardan Building in Mankhool.

The founders of RANK completely resonate with the statement by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which says, “Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place," and this is reflected in Rank’s vision with their new office featuring a refreshed, modern, vibrant environment designed to foster cooperation and accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele. The new office is equipped with spacious meeting rooms designed for seamless client communication, and dedicated workstations, each outfitted with the latest in cutting-edge technology to ensure the team can consistently deliver the highest levels of service.

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With an experience of around 11+ years in the industry, RANK offers a wide range of services to help with accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and company setup needs. With over 500 satisfied clients, their bespoke and individualised approach to tax consultancy and other business solutions ensures they provide a tailored solution that is unique to every specific business goal and challenge.

A journey of excellence

Rank Accounting & Consultancy is considered a trusted and professional firm working with companies of all sizes across the United Arab Emirates. Its offerings include:

● Accounting and Bookkeeping: Starting from maintaining accurate records to generating complex financial statements with ease, Rank’s professionals help ensure clients have a clear view of where they stand financially.

● Tax - VAT: To find a way out of the Value Added Tax (VAT) can be dizzying. But Rank’s team of VAT professionals makes the experience as smooth as butter by offering comprehensive compliance, advisory, and registration services so that clients can make informed decisions regarding their various taxes.

● Corporate Tax Advisory: Working to optimize strategies around corporate tax can make a difference in maximizing profitability. Rank’s specialists in tax offer analysis and advice to their clients that help them minimize their tax liabilities as a means of maximizing profitability and compliance.

● Company Formation: Entering the vibrant Dubai market requires legal and regulatory hurdles. Rank's company formation specialists streamline the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch for new businesses.

Expansion driven by growth

The opening of their new office is a significant milestone for the growth of RANK, marking the impressive achievement the firm has achieved in recent years. In a market where businesses are always changing, Rank's dedication to adaptability and providing customized solutions has led to a growing portfolio of satisfied clients and a burgeoning team of talented prominent professionals.

"We are thrilled to be here at our new office in Dubai," says Nitin Kapoor- Partner, Rank Accounting and Consultancy. "This expansion is a prominent step to reflect our unwavering commitment to serving our clients better and supporting our business community's growth in the UAE. With this new space, we are not only provided with the infrastructure to accommodate our expanding team, but we are also given a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration."

To which Prakhar Varshney- Partner, Rank Accounting and Consultancy adds, “They say good things come in small packages, but we're betting big on this new, spacious office for sure!

"This wouldn't be possible without the unwavering trust and support of our esteemed clients. This new office is a dedication to them, our physical expression of our commitment to providing exceptional service that goes above and beyond.”

Shaping the future with the commitment to innovation

RANK has quickly become an institution in the UAE and their impressive track record should continue to grow with the debut of this new office. More importantly, Rank offers an array of ground-breaking solutions, such as their AML Compliance Tool, that provide efficiency and impressive results. It’s clear that Rank understands the need to evolve and provide clients with the tools and resources essential to success in Dubai’s fast-paced business sector.

Rank Accounting and Consultancy has a clear vision of its future and how it is driving it from its new office in the heart of Dubai, an excellent representation of a company whose up-to-the-minute analysis of regulations and emerging trends secures it a place providing the best, most relevant advice in the city’s relentlessly evolving market. By taking part in industry events and collaborating with leading organizations, Rank Accounting and Consultancy has made it plain that it is committed to helping fashion the future of Dubai’s business landscape and claim its place in it.