Footprints, litter, fire extinguishers and other remnants of human occupation can be found all over the abandoned building that used to house McDonalds staff. Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: From the outside there is nothing amiss at Building No 33 in Al Khail Gate, in Al Quoz.

But a sneak peek inside the abandoned building suggests it's been occupied before, with shoe marks clearly visible. Discarded paper, cardboard, takeaway menu cards, fire extinguishers and remnants of human occupation are strewn all over the place.

After incessant probing XPRESS learnt that this building, next to an Emirates airline accommodation complex, was last occupied by the service crew of McDonalds.

So why did they leave?

Three McDonalds staff told XPRESS of having heard colleagues talk about their "ghost experience" in the building.

The entire staff has since been shifted to another building.

"There had been stuff - toothbrushes, mobiles, items - that seemed to disappear when you're not paying attention and then turn up somewhere again later," said Marilyn, a McDonalds crew.

Ashraf, a supervisor of Salwan, the leasing arm of Dubai Properties which owns the development, confirmed the building was completely abandoned "for months" but rubbished reports of paranormal activity. "Take me out of this conversation about ghosts," said Ashraf. "There was a huge maintenance issue with that building… another building had the same issue because it was the same contractor that built them. It needs complete renovation."

Abdusalam, a security guard of a neighbouring building, said the building suffered from plumbing problems. "Water was leaking in many of the units," he said.

This was confirmed by Robin, a maintenance staff of Idama, the facilities management company in charge of maintenance.

However, Marife, a McDonalds service crew who used to live in the building had a different take. "Stories about ghosts ‘playing' around with some of my colleagues had been going around in that building. It's not about the water or plumbing issue."