Azizi Developments
Azizi Developments Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Azizi Developments has gone for an extensive design revision of its upcoming homes to cater to post-pandemic buyer needs. Azizi’s homes now feature secluded work areas with more suitable furniture due to increasing prevalence of the work-from-home culture in the region.

“Even post-pandemic, we will see these trends continue,” said Mohamed Ragheb Hussein, Chief Development Officer. “Home office is becoming increasingly prevalent, and families feel safer spending more time in their own space. Sanitisation is kept at the forefront of all this – but meeting the market’s needs and wants does not end there. We will continue to find further ways of enhancing our designs in light of the pandemic’s aftereffects”.

Key modifications

Azizi is integrating more non-porous materials that are easier to clean and reduce the likelihood of contamination.

Workspace at home is also becoming important to work from home and children to pursue e-learning. Azizi’s units are designed with larger, dedicated, and secluded work areas with more suitable furniture, for these purposes. With larger such spaces now being higher in demand, additional amendments to balcony sizes and outdoor spaces are also being made.