Muscat: Chinese contractors Sino-Hydro are back on board for one of Oman's most prestigious long-term projects - a world-class wastewater system in Muscat.

"Sino-Hydro remains committed to the long term interests of the project and I am happy to announce that we have reached a solution and agreement with them," Oman Khalfan Nasser Al Wahaibi, Oman Wastewater Services Company CEO, announced at a press conference held yesterday.

After tropical cyclone Gonu hit the country last June, Sino-Hydro had stopped working on the project. However, after renegotiations, they have agreed to resume work. "We expect to be able to announce a clear timeline for resumption of work within a few weeks," Al Wahaibi said.

He denied that the price was renegotiated but did not describe what renegotiations were held. When the contract was tendered, Sino-Hydro bid was 30-50 per cent lower than other bidders but Gonu added to their cost.

The cost of the entire outlay of Oman's prestigious wastewater project is 900 million Omani riyals. "This estimate is at the current cost," Al Wahaibi pointed out.

"The project spans a period of more than 10 years and by the end of the period will cover most of the Governorate in a phased manner," Al Wahaibi said.

Profile: Project expected to be 80% complete by 2014

  • The project, which is expected to be 80 per cent complete by 2014, will have nearly 3,000 kilometres of pipes laid across Muscat Governorate.
  • The Oman Wastewater Company was set up in 2002 and since then, 110 kilometres of pipelines has been laid in different parts of Muscat.