Stock – Kezad Group
The Kezad Group has economic zones, staff accommodation facilities and other assets within its portfolio. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: One of the biggest free zone operators in the UAE, Kezad group will consolidate all of its built assets – stretching to 750,000 square meters – into the ‘Kezad Asset Management Company’.

The latter thus becomes a ‘key player’ in the UAE industrial and logistics assets sector, through acquisitions, management and operations.

Both are part of AD Ports Group, the ADX listed entity.

The KAMC formation was done October 2022 by Kezad Group, principally to focus on managing existing built-up assets. The group currently has approximately 500,000 square metres of built-up assets and another 250,000 square metres to be delivered by 2025.

"The establishment of KEZAD Assets Management Company is a pivotal step in our strategic expansion," said Abdullah Al Hameli, CEO of Economic Cities & Free Zones, AD Ports Group. "Through this new venture, we are fostering a dynamic ecosystem of growth and innovation in the industrial and logistics sectors.

“KAMC is uniquely positioned to drive sustainable value and contribute significantly to the economic diversification of Abu Dhabi and the wider region.”

New asset buys

KAMC will also look to acquire, maintain, and operate a portfolio of 'high-quality' industrial and logistics assets. Its structure includes functions such as deal sourcing and management, leasing and property management oversight, joint ventures and partnerships, and risk management.

“This strategic step enhances our competitive edge, provides unparalleled services to our clients, and further solidifies our role as a key driver of the region's industrial growth and prosperity in Abu Dhabi," said Mohamed Al Khader Al Ahmed, CEO of Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi, Kezad Group.