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Dubai: Car dealers in the UAE are recalling more than 1,000 vehicles due to safety issues, including problems with car brakes.

The latest round of recalls brings the total vehicles called back in the UAE over the last few months to approximately 17,000 units.

Al Majid Motors Company has kicked off a recall campaign on 1,033 Kia Picanto vehicles that were produced between March 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

Affected cars need to have their fuel filler and leveling hose replaced with new ones, according to the auto dealer in a notice sent to customers on August 30.

“Al Majid Motors has begun contacting customers with affected models to inform them about the situation and arrange booking accordingly,” the dealer said.

The Ministry of Economy has an ongoing safety campaign requiring vehicle dealers to review all their products. As of the first week of August, 3,000 cars have been called back. This does not include the 13,000 sedans and sports utility vehicles recalled in June and July.

Also late last month, nearly 50 vehicles were called back by Gargash Enterprises and Emirates Motor Company.

A number of 2018 Mercedes Benz vehicles sold to UAE customers need to be brought in for inspection due to an issue with the rear brake caliper pistons.

The German automaker had announced last month that thousands of Mercedes-Benz 2018 vehicles have brake issues, which may cause motorists to lose braking performance while driving.

A total of 42 units, with vehicle identification numbers ranging from 166 A 137314 to A 146683 and from 292 A 116716 to A 119161 are covered by the recall.

The dealer is also recalling one 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet.