Oman completed its first electronically operated well drilling rig Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The ministry of energy and minerals plans to leverage technology to increase the contributions of the energy and mineral sectors to Oman's gross domestic product (GDP) and national income.

Salem bin Nasser Al Awfi, minister of energy and minerals, emphasised the ministry's commitment to utilising all available resources to develop these sectors. Advanced technology is being employed to support the extraction of crude oil and oil condensates, according to the Times of Oman.

The ministry continued efforts to localise industries. A chemical manufacturing plant in Oman has been certified to international standards, enhancing local value and reducing operational costs.

In an achievement, Oman completed its first electronically operated well drilling rig, employing state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable drilling operations.

Supporting the government's small and medium enterprises (SME) initiatives, approximately 16 per cent of the oil and gas sector's total procurement spending went to SMEs in 2023.

Highlighting key projects, Salem bin Nasser Al Awfi mentioned the Al-Ghaisin Mine Copper Mining Project in Al-Khaboura, a significant endeavour expected to bolster economic diversification with its modern and environmentally friendly mining techniques.

A solar energy station was inaugurated in Sur to power the local water desalination plant, furthering Oman's renewable energy goals.