The ADX-listed AD Ports Group has been expanding its network presence to Jordan and Egypt. Bringing its digital solutions will thus be a natural progression for it. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The AD Ports Group owned Maqta Gateway will have a 49 per cent stake in a new company that will digitize operations at Jordan’s Aqaba port. The other 51 per cent in ‘Maqta Ayla’ will be with the Aqaba Development Corporation.

The deal marks the ‘first-ever export’ of Abu Dhabi’s key port digitalisation solution. The Port Community System will help facilitate communications and transactions between the ports of Aqaba, its terminal operators, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), the Aqaba Development Corporation, and other stakeholders in the port’s ecosystem.

This will streamline services and build ‘next-level efficiencies’ for the port city of Aqaba and Jordan.

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The port solution is to be operational within 12 months, with the expectation of delivering carbon emission reductions worth 90,000 in-person visits within a year of implementation.

The Ports of Aqaba - at the 'crossroads of three continents - handle 80 per cent of Jordan’s exports and 65 per cent of imports. Aqaba’s Container Terminal is the second busiest in terms of volume along the Red Sea and fourth biggest in the region, with annual traffic of around 1.3 million TEUs. Given the location, it serves as transit point for trade flows to its neighbouring countries, and thus 'necessitating constant expansion and digital transformation'.