Abu Dhabi: LuLu Group last week unveiled its back to school campaign featuring affordable school supplies from August 21 to September 10. This year’s highlight includes Dh500,000 in scholarships, in partnership with education company BYJU’S. Under this initiative, 50 shoppers will get Dh10,000 each.

Another highlight is the one-year warranty on all school bags at LuLu. The 21-day promotion will feature deals on uniforms, stationery, fashion basics, electronics and more.

Ashraf Ali, LuLu group executive director, said: “Every year, we make sure that come up with unique and innovative campaigns to benefit the larger segment of the society. This year, we are excited to partner with BYJU’S to offer scholarships to 50 students.”

Apart from the wide variety of school supplies, LuLu offers a selection of food products featuring breakfast essentials, lunch box favourites and kitchen staples. Speciality ranges like organic, gluten-free and diet-based products are available as well for the health-conscious customer base.