Hasan Chmatan

Share a brief of your company and its product portfolio.

Al Saif Graphics LLC (ASG) was established in the year 2003, in Abu Dhabi. ASG specialises in turnkey and customer-driven services that cater to industry-leading companies in the Middle East and European markets. We offer a range of events services, exhibition solutions and branding solutions, including customised stand fabrication, interior fit-out, storage solutions, digital printing, vehicle wrapping solutions, and furniture rental.

We take pride in our in-house carpentry, steel and acrylic, and in having one of the largest scale printing machines in the region. ASG ensures the delivery of cross-platform solutions to create cutting-edge experiences.

From bespoke brand strategy planning to activation, we provide innovative and result-driven solutions which generate compelling moments and form deep and lasting relationships with the right audiences.

ASG has a successful track record of delivering the highest quality of services that can be traced to our processes; we have mastered the entire event and exhibition process and bringing-out our client’s brand identity, mapped out the customer journey, and today offer our clients seamless and stress-free solutions that take care of their diverse requirements.

What were the pandemic challenges and how did you lead your team?

Like the world over, ASG faced unforeseen challenges when the event and exhibition industry was shut off completely owing to the pandemic. Taking on the challenge of remaining responsible while responding to the pandemic, I took a systematic approach by staying optimistic and focused on the production activities of our allied businesses such as Covid-19 safe guards, fabrication of porta cabins and interior fit out etc. to sustain our business in the market.

A methodical approach to responsible business, embedded through organisational purpose, values and trust that was built for decades amongst my employees at ASG, it came as a helping hand for me to lead the team through the tough times.

Discuss some of the current market trends and you can meet this demand.

Technology will continue to drive innovation across business models in various industries, allowing new businesses to enter the market and disrupt incumbents in serious ways. In order to drive business growth, staying relevant in changing times, and to differentiate from the competition, we must be able to think creatively and embrace innovation to produce break-through value for our customers.

Adapting new mindsets as technology-enabled transformation is imperative, Al Saif Graphics, is well equipped by incorporating advanced techniques such as AI, projection mapping (3D visual projection onto a 3D surface), virtual walls, interactive flooring, product demonstrations through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (three-dimensional experience of either a location or event), hologram, gamification etc. in its exhibition stand designs and our forte stands out in bringing the design to reality.

Our employees are our core strength, we offer them the free hands to exhibit their strategies and their creative thoughts are nurtured and supported to produce exceptional designs to meet our customer demands. This enables us to project ourselves as a unique designer and emerge successful in our business.

What is Al Saif Graphics’ expansion strategy over the next decade?

The global events and exhibition market is expected to reach a humongous growth and the UAE is a driving force to be reckoned with in the world of exhibitions and events. Exhibitions are among the significant enablers of global trade and economic growth. Organisers and exhibitors are exploring the world of Geo-Cloning, for instance as a way to reach out to wider audiences regionally and globally to increase the brand awareness and sales.

We focus to step into Private Sectors and to expand internationally by providing state of the art designs that integrates tailor-made customer solutions and ‘smart-age’ techniques like data intelligence, interaction and engagement tools to help both organisers and exhibitors measure the value and success of a show.