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Though we are only a month into the six-month-long mega exhibition, Dubai is witnessing a wave of positivity that was lacking due to the outbreak of the pandemic since early 2020. The coming months and the future hold great promise and potential for the business community in the city.

Expo 2020 is set to be a game changer for businesses in Dubai. It expects to host 25 million visitors over its six-month period. This influx of visitors will not only boost spending in the UAE but also increase investment and employment opportunities in the country.

While hospitality, tourism, and trade sectors stand to see the most business activity during the Expo, the world’s largest event is also paving the way for further diversification of Dubai’s business industry. Many new trade activities will make an entry into the UAE market, most notably those with a focus on sustainable development. This opens the gates for ecopreneurs as well as technologically advanced and new-age businesses to find a footing in Dubai.

Dubai believes in diversification and innovation. The Expo will showcase the city’s efforts at developing first of-its-kind innovations to promote new-age solutions and global collaborations.

- Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei, Founder & Chairman, Shuraa Group

Since the UAE fully opened its borders to the world, investors and entrepreneurs are making a beeline for Dubai to establish their ventures in the city of the future. And why wouldn’t they? Dubai has cemented its position as one of the most desirable cities to live in – not just in terms of safety and security but also for its standard of living, infrastructural development, handling of the pandemic, and harmonious cultural and religious integration.

Investor-friendly initiatives

As more initiatives are being rolled out to encourage and support entrepreneurs, including complete foreign ownership of business, Golden Visas, reduced costs of starting a business in the city, and tax-friendly policies, the business confidence in Dubai is pointing north. To add to this, the city has also set an excellent example of governance and planning — steering the economy towards stabilisation, and taking it further towards prosperity, even in the times of a global pandemic.

Largest networking platform

The Expo is also offering investors a networking platform unlike any seen before. Networking is key to growing one’s business. In a world largely confined indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Expo is giving entrepreneurs and investors the opportunity to visit and interact with international delegates and like-minded individuals across 192 country pavilions in a controlled and safe environment.

City of the future

Dubai, without a doubt, is a futuristic city — one that keeps up with latest technologies, believes in the power of science and innovation, and implements the same for the good of its citizens and residents. Dubai believes in diversification and has always focused on development through transformation of key sectors. The Expo will display the city’s efforts at developing first-of-its-kind innovations to promote new-age solutions and global collaborations. Prospering in such a city is inevitable.

Business registration packages
Shuraa is offering exclusive and comprehensive business registration packages during Expo, starting from Dh 19,500 (T&C apply)

Dubai is a gateway to the global market and therefore, a popular business destination. The Expo is assembling and showcasing brilliant ideas and innovative solutions from around the world. It is also fostering positive international relations in the process. The city also has plans to execute measures towards strategic sustainable urbanisation, thereby creating value for the businesses in the region. Dubai is all set to be the smartest and most sustainable city in the near future. Therefore, it would be a good move for entrepreneurs to establish their presence in Dubai during this Expo season.

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