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In a remarkable feat, 25 advisors from the Zurich Advisory Network (ZAN) in the UAE have achieved membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and Court of the Table in just over two years, marking a significant milestone that more than doubles the previous year's qualification of 12 advisors.

This extraordinary achievement not only sets a new benchmark for excellence in the financial advisory sector but also underscores ZAN's unwavering commitment to providing top-tier financial guidance and cultivating enduring client relationships.

"At the core of ZAN's success lies our relentless pursuit of prioritising our customers and upholding high standards," says Dinesh Tanikella, Head of ZAN at Zurich International Life. "The MDRT qualification is a by-product of this customer-centric approach and the sound advice offered by our top advisers, signifying expertise and a genuine understanding of our customers’ needs. This devotion to quality ensures that customers receive the best guidance and support in safeguarding their financial futures."

Emphasising quality over quantity

The significance of MDRT qualification extends beyond numerical achievements, as industry experts affirm. It reflects an advisor's unwavering commitment to effectively advising and guiding premium-paying clients, fostering trust and reliability in financial decision-making processes. This emphasis on personalised client care over product promotion cultivates client loyalty, positioning ZAN advisors as trusted partners in their clients' financial journeys.

ZAN's success is not solely attributed to its MDRT accolades but also to its steadfast dedication to continuous improvement and professional development. Through investment in upskilling programmes, mentorship initiatives, and ongoing support, ZAN empowers its advisory team to excel in their roles and uphold the highest standards of professionalism ensuring that every interaction is characterised by empathy, integrity, and a responsibility to deliver value.

Sijo Mathews, Chair of the local chapter of MDRT, commended ZAN's achievement as a testament to its advisors' vision, hard work, and professionalism. “We join ZAN in celebrating this turning point as a testimony to its team of advisors' vision, hard work, and professionalism. This achievement will bolster the reputation of individual advisors and enhance the credibility of the entire advisory team.”

Understanding the market

In navigating today's dynamic financial landscape, ZAN remains focused on understanding and addressing the unique needs of the market. By leveraging state-of-the-art digital advice tools and resources, ZAN advisors provide personalised experiences that empower customers to make informed financial decisions with confidence.

As ZAN continues to set new standards of excellence in the UAE's financial services industry, its commitment to integrity and client-centricity remains paramount. With MDRT qualifications serving as a hallmark of expertise, ZAN is poised to redefine advisory service standards in the region, inspiring others to pursue excellence in their endeavours.