Stock - Upper Zakum Artificial island
The new oil and gas well at Upper Zakum Concession stretches to 50,000 feet - and that's 800 feet longer than the earlier record set in 2017. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE energy powerhouse ADNOC has gone and set a world record – for the ‘longest oil and gas well’ at the Upper Zakum Concession.

Spreading to 50,000 feet, the well is around 800 feet longer than the previous world record set in 2017 and ‘supports ADNOC’s efforts to expand production capacity of its lower-carbon oil and gas resources’. Umm Al Anbar is one of Upper Zakum’s four artificial islands, serving as a hub for offshore drilling and operations.

ADNOC Drilling drilled the oil and gas well from Umm Al Anbar, one of ADNOC Offshore’s artificial islands. The project is part of an extended reach well designed and led by ADNOC Offshore, in collaboration with its Upper Zakum strategic partners, ExxonMobil and Inpex/Jodco. The extended reach wells will tap into an undeveloped part of the giant Upper Zakum reservoir, and with the potential to increase the field’s production capacity by 15,000 barrels of oil per day, ‘without the need to expand or build any new infrastructure’.

“The delivery of this record-breaking well also demonstates our commitment to lower operational costs, while enabling ADNOC to reach its oil and gas production capacity targets,” said Abdulrahman Abdullah Al Seiari, ADNOC Drilling’s CEO.

ADNOC Offshore fleshed out the artificial island concept, resulting in 'significant cost savings and environmental benefits compared to conventional approaches that traditionally require more offshore installations and infrastructure'.