Fuel check Image Credit: Illustrative purpose

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Energy announced new fuel prices for the month of April. Motorists will have to pay more at the petrol stations when compared to March as fuel prices have been increased.

The new fuel prices per litre are Super 98 Dh1.62 up from Dh1.47 in March, Special 95 Dh1.51 up from Dh1.36, E Plus-91-Dh1.44, increased from Dh1.29. Diesel will be sold at Dh1.56 per litre, up from Dh1.40 per liter in March.

The fuel prices, which are linked to global oil prices, have been recovering for the past two months as oil producing countries gear up for the crucial Doha meeting on April 17, which is aimed at reaching an agreement between Opec (Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and non-Opec members  to freeze production at January levels.

The United Arab Emirates and a number of other oil exporting countries have confirmed their participation at the meeting.

The meeting was necessitated due to record drop in oil prices from more than $110 per barrel in June 2014 to less than $30 per barrel in January this year.

Oil prices have recovered since then. The global benchmark, brent was trading at slightly more than $40 per barrel on Monday.