kundera app
Kundera promises to deliver all that research in a matter of minutes. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Want to do some research but don’t have the patience to wade through all the options in Google Search? Try ‘Kundera’, an app from a Dubai-based startup that promises to deliver all of that research to you… within minutes.

Currently available only in English, the Arabic version is due early next year. But does it even stand a chance when the whole world seems to be spending so much time on Google Search?

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The founder of KF Solutions, the startup, believes Kundera can still deliver a competitive edge. “When you do any search on Google, it shows you hundreds of results and headlines,” said Kareem Farid, a former communications industry professional. “You have to go through them all and read them all in order to come up with a conclusion in your head in order for you to write an article.

“But what Kundera does is that it does all of the research for you. It reads all of the articles for you and it writes one article that summarises everything.”

Easy way out

That should work for anyone wanting to save up on time… and effort. But Kundera is not going for the student audience – it has businesses and users within them as the target.

“Kundera was created to help increase productivity, which has become the focal point since the start of the pandemic as businesses and governments focus on efficiency, time and cost savings,” he added. “It set to empower users to focus on their creative output and save hours they would otherwise spend on mundane tasks.”

The app took two years to develop. “There has been around Dh500,000 in personal investments to date and the business will be looking to get investments once the app hits the 25,000 users milestone,” Farid added.

Ahead of the actual launch, there have been 10,000 downloads of the app within 48 hours. “It took years for research and inventing the technology and a few months to bring to a life - a user-friendly AI writer that fits everyone’s pocket,” said Farid.

“As we shift to a post-COVID world, it is not about seeing robots and humans in silos working separately. What is clear is that we need to utilise these technologies, and embrace a mindset where AI is the enabler.”