Dubai Diamond Exchange
In October, US jewellery sales reached an estimated $7.3 billion, a record for the month. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) will be hosting its flagship Dubai Diamond Conference (DDC) on February 21, 2022 at Atlantis, The Palm. The conference is expected to bring together hundreds of industry experts to discuss key topics on the future of diamonds.

The diamond industry successfully emerged from the pandemic with surging demand and rocketing prices. The various DDC panel sessions will seek to answer why this happened, the changing nature of consumer behaviour, the risks and opportunities for diamond companies over the coming year, and ways to build on this positive momentum to strengthen the entire diamond industry.

“The global diamond industry has not just rebounded from the pandemic, it has come back with renewed vigour, performing significantly better than we could have ever imagined. In October, US jewellery sales reached an estimated $7.3 billion, a record for the month. India’s polished diamonds exports hit four-year high in November, and all signs point to a very strong December with the holiday season. Closer to home, the Dubai Diamond Exchange has boasted some record-breaking sales through its tenders. DMCC’s ever-growing ties with the Israeli diamond industry are set to further boost regional trade and support the growth of the global diamond trade,” said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and CEO, DMCC and Chairman, Dubai Diamond Exchange.

“Following the success of our recent Dubai Precious Metals Conference, which was largely oversubscribed, we have curated a special programme around the Dubai Diamond Conference in February. This will be a defining moment for the industry, with the world’s most renowned experts gathered in the emirate to discuss the future of diamonds, cementing the emirate’s position as a leading hub and first mover in the industry,” he added.

A series of high-level meetings and industry events will be taking place in Dubai throughout the week, beginning with a board meeting of the World Diamond Council on February 20.